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    High vigilance: The vigilance mainly requires security guards to be with a high sense of responsibility
    High strategy. The strategy asks the security guard to foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses
    The flexibility of defense. The flexibility means to decide which skill to use
    Business Security Advisor
    Answer the questions about security, and give solutions.
    Our professional services are always consistent with our customers’ requirements.
    Businesses operate in an increasingly global environment and face the same vulnerabilities and threats. The goal of our daily work is to provide these companies with reasonable and effective security solutions.
    Through the establishment of enterprise security system, the security prevention plan is developed, and the security laws and regulations, military, firefighting and technical defense training are provided for the security staff and employees of the enterprise.
    Establish a scientific safety workflow and safety supervision system for enterprises, provide regular and irregular safety supervision and inspection. From the professional perspective of the industry, it helps enterprises to identify security risks, put forward rectification opinions, strengthen the existing safety system of enterprises, and reduce the risk of customer safety to the minimum degree.China Emergency Crisis Handling