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    Stable and durable
    Integrated tray, factory direct sales, quality assurance. Strong and durable, high stability!
    Easy installation, support multiple installation
    Simple structure, pull design, and welding wiring integration of the welding wiring module, the internal structure is clear, at a glance easy to install, greatly reduce costs.
    The scope of application
    Fiber optic LAN, all kinds of optical fiber communication systems, instrumentation, fiber CATV
    Applicable scene
    Commercial buildings, computer rooms, communications base stations, cable television networks
    Application network
    Telecommunications, mobile, radio and television, China Unicom

    Concentrate on
    1. All “core” upgrade design: the use of all-core environmentally friendly material board, standard upgrade, testing upgrade both beautiful and durable
    2. Energy-saving environmental design: The whole design uses low-voltage design, reduce power consumption, environmental protection materials can meet today’s energy-saving environmental protection concept, but also extend the service life
    3. Anti-interference design: the overall appearance of the shell electrostatic spray, waterproof high temperature fiber and pigtail protective insulation protection, easy to lead to ground, anti-magnetic anti-interference, running stableChina Optical Fiber Splice Box manufacturers